What's New In SDR?

July 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Aviation Data Systems Branch is pleased to announce that a Service Difficulty Reporting System (SDRS) modernization effort is underway.

Updates will be made available as the effort progresses.  Please direct any feedback, questions, concerns or comments regarding SDRS Modernization Enhancements to the following inbox: 9-AMC-AFS-SDRM@faa.gov

All inquiries and submittals pertaining to the current SDRS database should be sent to the existing SDRS Program Manager mailbox at: 9-AMC-SDR-ProgMgr@faa.gov

December 2022

SDRS Site Info Moved on our Homepage

Service Difficulty Reporting System (SDRS) User:
Based on SDRS customer feedback and added user convenience, we moved the “Service Difficulty Reporting for Air Carriers, Air Operators, and Repair Stations” section of our website to the top of the homepage. This should help users to meet their FAA regulatory reporting requirements.

December 2022

Password Update Message

The password requirements are changing for the application. The new passwords rules are:
• Passwords must contain a minimum of twelve (12) characters and must contain a combination of characters from the four character types: English uppercase letters (A-Z); English lowercase letters (a-z); Numbers (0-9); Printable non-alphanumeric characters as allowed by the system.
• Contain no more than two consecutive like characters. E.G (AA, 11, uu etc.)
• Not contain all or part of the user’s account name.

December 2021

Based on user feedback from the site re-design, we have add a "SDRS Quick Reference Guide". It is accessible in the Resources panel on the upper right-hand part of the landing page.

We value your input. Send us your comments/feedback to the following mailbox: 9-AMC-SDR-ProgMgr@faa.gov

October 2021

We are happy to announce our newly redesigned website. We hope you find it easier to use and navigate. We have updated our reference material and will continue to update it with the latest updates.

On the next release, we will be implementing validation rules to the single submission reporting and the batch file processing. This will help improve the data quality and accuracy of your submitted reports; therefore, expediting the processing of your reports.

We currently have a 20,000 record backlog; however, we will be adding additional resources to help us process the reports. We will have some major improvements coming in the very new future. We appreciate your patience and support.

We value your input. Send us your comments/feedback to the following mailbox: 9-AMC-SDR-ProgMgr@faa.gov

August 2010

IF YOU ARE A 145 REPAIR STATION: We ask that you please submit your reports under the SDR Log-in portion and NOT the Malfunction/Defect portion. This makes it easier for your PMI to track your reports. The SDRs will be under your operator designator, while the M/D has no way to track who is submitting.

We are in the process of rebuilding the SDR website and database, making it much more "user friendly" and giving you a better tool to help monitor the safety of your aircraft. We would like to hear any comments from you as the users of this system: 9-AMC-SDR-ProgMgr@faa.gov

August 24, 2009

A page where registered users can view their recently submitted SDRs has been added. The status of each of your submissions will be listed and the entire report can be viewed/printed.

Also added is the ability to wildcard the JASC code field on the query screen. For example, if you want to see SDRs related to ATA code 27 you would type in '27%' and records with JASC codes 2700 to 2799 would be returned.

The final addition for this release is a modification to the login system which will allow users with accounts created before July 6th, 2009 to login with either their email address or their chosen user name; after that date all newly created accounts exclusively use the registered email address as the user name.

July 6, 2009

This release contains the following updates:
  • Started a list of frequently asked questions.
  • Updated the main menu.
  • Added the date a report was submitted to the query results.

March 12, 2009

In the event there is an emergency problem or outage of the SDR system, please submit your SDRs to the following emergency email and fax:

Fax: (405) 954-0073

As a reminder, all SDR must be received by AFS-620 in Oklahoma City within 96 hours, not to your local FAA FSDO.

Other changes:
  • There was an issue regarding Nature of Condition data not being displayed when querying. This should be resolved now.

March 4, 2009

Based upon your user feedback, these changes are now available:
  • When doing a single entry SDR or a M/D report, pressing the enter key will no longer prematurely submit the report. You will need to press the 'Submit to the FAA' button at the top of the page.
  • After doing a query, you may now print out multiple reports by selecting those reports and clicking 'Print Selected' at the top of the page.
  • When downloading query results, the file is now outputted as an Excel document.
Also, a new business rule has been imposed: dashes are no longer allowed in the Operator Control Number field.

To those who are submitting records with a Flight Number: Your data is safe! It has been stored and will be available when doing queries once the back-office systems have been overhauled.

December 23, 2008

File layout and JASC Code documentation has been updated. These are available on the references page.

Please continue to provide feedback about the SDR system. We have received many good suggestions since the new SDR site went online. You can already see a couple of these suggestions available now.
  • Re-added the ability to download multiple SDR's from the query screen.
  • Ability to print your SDR without all the HTML formatting (i.e. Text Only).
We have a number of other improvements that are planned to be added as our resources allow.

We'd also like to note that persons submitting Malfunction or Defect reports DO NOT need an account.


October 3, 2008

Earlier this summer, the Aviation Data Systems Branch (AFS-620) experienced technical problems with the Internet Service Difficulty Reporting (iSDR) web site, necessitating its temporary removal from the public Internet. We apologize for any inconvenience this problem may have caused.

A new web site has been released with technical and security enhancements, requiring all air operator and air agency users to establish new user accounts in order to upload SDR data to the FAA.

The new web site will not accept SDR submissions that do not meet the requirements given in the "SDRX Field Instructions" and "Batch File Layout 2008-08" documents. Please begin preparing for these changes.

Until your records meet the new requirements, they must be submitted to the FAA through the current options (email, fax, and mail). Records that are submitted and accepted through the new web site should not be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the FAA. This will require that the system you use to generate batch submissions must be capable of producing files in the current layout as well as the layout required for the new web site. For those who submit records one at a time, you will still be able to submit without the batch requirements. Our goal, ideally is to receive all SDRs electronically in the future.

All submitters will be required to request new username and passwords. Once a user has requested a new account, AFS-620 staff will attempt to verify the user's account information. Additional information will be supplied to verified users once their accounts have been approved.

Users desiring to submit Malfunction and Defect Reports or run SDR queries will not have to establish user accounts.

Fax: (405) 954-0073

As a reminder, all SDR must be received by AFS-620 in Oklahoma City within 96 hours, not to your local FAA FSDO.

Please let us know any problems that you may have. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this problem has caused, and we appreciate the cooperation we have received from submitters during the time of the outage.

Tony Perry (405-954-9561) will be your technical point of contact.

Thank you,

Pennie L. Thompson, ASI
Federal Aviation Administration
Service Difficulty Reporting System
SDRS Program Manager
Aviation Data Systems Branch, AFS-620
(405) 954-5313